About ME


Growing up I always helped out with food preparation and clearing away, but, I never really got involved in the nitty-gritty of the cooking.

It may have been due to my mother’s exacting standards or perhaps just the fact that she was such a great cook, but either way my siblings and I were happy to just sit back and enjoy the end results (maybe we were just couch potatoes!). Anyway, four years at university away from home changed all that.

Like many students, the best choices I had for food back then were a supermarket takeaway meal or a restaurant delivery (both either unhealthy or bad for the pocket in the long run).  So, on trips home, I began to pay more attention to my mother’s cooking; and in my spare time I watched recipe videos, read food blogs and over time, mixing in some trial and error, I developed my own style of cooking.


Growing up as a kid in Sierra Leone, and emigrating to England in my youth, I have always enjoyed the cuisine and culture.

Completing Science degrees gave me deeper insights into the importance of nutrition and healthy eating, and this Supper club emerged as a confluence of my passion for West African cuisine and Healthy Living.

In my opinion, African food is tasty, colourful, healthy and versatile and it’s about time others start to experience this unexplored cuisine.

Sylvia x