Supper Club

New summer menus available from 12th Sept.

Supper Club

My African Hob Supper Club is a great opportunity to enjoy traditional West African cuisine in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

You will meet new people, while enjoying good tasting food and having some fun and laughter.

The Supper Club event will take place at various venues in London. You will be served a three course menu including a delicious West African starter and dessert. You will also be served welcome drinks made from traditional West African ingredients like a warming Ginger Beer and lime drink or a Wonjo (Hibiscus flower/sorrel) cocktail.

We cater for a maximum of 25 guests as we like our events to have a warm personal touch so book early to avoid disappointment.

Our Food

We’re passionate about healthy eating and we incorporate that into our cooking methods; baking and grilling (instead of frying) where possible.

We use healthier cooking oils and minimise the use of salt and additives while enhancing flavours with fresh herbs and spices.

All of our meals are freshly made giving a personal touch, that permeates the food and gives it that deliciously fresh home cooked taste.

So at our events, you will enjoy meals that are tasty, nutritious and healthy.